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Enjoy the benefits!

How does it feel when you break your own targets with a new record? Yes, hiring an efficient team, let�s you reap benefits of increased employee turnover and many others!

With transparent pricing, you can always keep an eye on your costs.

  • Quick delivery
  • High customer loyalty
  • Responsible and reliable services

Efficient editing


We provide a user-friendly platform which is easy to understand and work upon. The complex editing is now made simpler with the development of various tools and softwares.

Right direction

You are in the right direction � our professional team is accessible round the clock and you can always come to us, without being time-bound.


You can enhance your business value through refined images that cope up with the brand�s value and idea.

Strategic workflow

With the strategic workflow, you can have premium error-free editing along with enormous savings.


Sell Multichannel

Marketing techniques for multiple channels are time-consuming and costly. However, we can support you in handling large and complex projects without compromising on the output quality. It has also lifted the workload of studio to web, which in proportion, facilitates multichannel sales.

Online photo editing service

Fotopixelz is ideal for delivering finely edited images without a hiccup. The confidence you place in us, encourages to become better day by day. Be it through trained professionals or secure FTP, we have developed best practices and therefore feels proud to be associated with top brands.


Marketing objectives

How to differentiate your product from competitors?

We can support you to stand out through optimized image editing� increased USP

Marketing mix

Every brand needs to cope up with the marketing decisions for establishing a brand value. There are various marketing tools to hit the marketing campaigns and one of them is to show the unique selling points of your �product�