Powerful post-production technique

Ghost mannequin photography is one of the most sought-after post-production activities to increase apparel sales.

  • No need for expensive models and mannequins.
  • Results in life-like images
  • Imparts 3-D effect to images
Illustration by Shwin

Why to use ghost mannequin service?

Hiring models is quite expensive, while mannequins are distracting. Thus, ghost images are an excellent alternative to cut-off costs.

How to create invisible mannequin effect?

Our expert team uses creative suite to achieve a desired effect without going off-budget.

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Increase your product’s worth-

Attractive images play a vital role in framing customer’s decision to buy from e-sites. The technique of invisible mannequins is an excellent approach to demonstrate shape and fit to the intangible product. Hence, influencing more customers and business value.


Invisible Mannequin Illusion

You can produce this illusion by photographing your product being worn either by a mannequin or a live model from front and back.

  • 360-degree view of the product
  • Proclaim depth to your product
  • Fruitful for online retailers
Illustration by Keyshod
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How does it work?

Submit us 2 sperate images of clothing with and without mannequin, and we’ll revert you the edited images.

What are the factors affecting ghost mannequin service?

A sound ghost mannequin service demands high-quality photos captured in a studio setting with adequate lighting, camera and other equipment.

How to solve the problem of product showcasing?

Ghost mannequin, invisible mannequin or hollow man is an effective technique for showcasing your product online (specially apparels).

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